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Ukraine occupies a leading position for the production of sunflower oil in the world. Sunflower oil of Ukrainian origin can be found in large numbers on store shelves in Europe. People appreciated and loved it.

The industry has high demand and it is constantly evolving and improving.  Our company is engaged in the export of sunflower oil. We sell it in bulk and packed in PET bottles in all major markets, including the European Union, Africa, Asia, Turkey and Egypt.

  • Refined and unrefined sunflower oil in bulk.

Delivery: by oil tank-truck, railcar, flexitanks

  • Refined sunflower oil packed in 1L PET bottles.

Delivery: by car, railroad transport or shipping by sea.

Basis of supply - FCA, DAР, FOB, CIF, СFR, СРТ etc. (Incoterms)

Sunflower oil is produced in Ukraine and accompanied by next documents:

  1. Sertificate of origin.

  2. Certificate of Compliance with International ISO Standards.

  3. Quality sertificate.

Sunflower oil: Каталог
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